01.11.2022 - 30.12.2022 New Year's Eve 2023 - Riga restaurant

The new 2023 is already very close. We invite you to celebrate it together at the "Panorama"restaurant and "Riga" restaurant with style and a glamorous New Year's party.

Our New Year's Eve offers are:

Panorama restaurant:

Option 1   87 euro
Option 2   87 euro
Option 3   92 euro
Children's option   35 euro

Riga restaurant:          

Option 1   70 euro
Option 2   70 euro
Option 3   82 euro
Children's option   35 euro

-10% discount on reception prices of all room categories, upon check-in of guests with purchased New Year's options.

Booking confirmation conditions:

   50% of the amount must be paid within 5 days from the date of confirmation of the   reservation.
   Payment of 100% of the amount by 08.12.2022.

We await your reservations and inquiries at:

+359888919941 / office@hotel-riga.com


We are expecting you,

With a rich musical and artistic show program, with ballet and attraction, folk dances, DJ party until the morning and with a raffle and prizes from the Grand Hotel Riga.

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